Tile Basics

What Makes a Great Tile Job

  • A Strong Foundation: A tile job is only as good as the substrate that it rests on.  The stronger and more stable the substrate, the better the finished product will be.  The best substrate is the traditional wire lath and cement mortar base.

  • Select the Right Tile:  Choosing the right tile for your project is just as important as having a strong foundation.  Don't use a delicate wall tile on the floorChoose tiles that have the appropriate trim pieces that will give you that immaculate finished lookSize is important,too. Large tiles look great in big open areas but wouldn't work for a shower floor where the sloped surface would necessitate using a small tile.

  • Design & Layout:  Once you've selected the tile it's important to come up with a design plan that will work best.  Sometimes adding a border will enhance the appearance of the job.  A good layout will prevent ending up with small cuts in places that wouldn't look good.

  • Setting Materials:  It's important to use the proper setting material for the tile that you are installing.  Vitreous tiles such as porcelain and glass require a high polymer content mortar to achieve a proper bonding.  Large format tiles like 18 X 18 floor tiles require a non-sagging mortar.  Resin-backed marble tiles are best installed with an epoxy mortar.

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